The Business IT Club – Corvinus is one of the largest Corvinus student organisations, giving students interested in the world of business and IT the opportunity to complement their studies with marketable professional practical knowledge, thus gaining a competitive advantage over other students.
Our members can gain experience in IT consulting and business intelligence in a corporate environment through our two optional career starter courses, while additional professional events and training sessions offer a range of topics to complement their knowledge and develop their skills.

Levente Sélley (Co-President)



The HR Team is in charge of creating and maintaining one of the most significant pillars of our organization, our community. This Team follows the entire life cycle of a membership, from the recruitment, integration and team cohesion, to the exit process and the alumni.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is primarily responsible for the external communication of our organization – whether it is on social media or on our website, online or offline – and their goal is to provide a unified image of the organization to all interested parties while increasing the brand value of BIT Club Corvinus.

TD Team

One of the most prominent element of our organization’s image is the Talent Program, which provides us with the opportunity for professional development. The primary task of the Talent Development Team is to organize and conduct this so that our members can learn about the career paths they have chosen by completing our course series.

BD Team

The Business Development Team is responsible for the continuous increase and development of organizational values, as well as for the management and execution of processes that are key to the operation of the organization, along with professional processes outside the Talent Program.

Youth Business Group

BIT Club is member of the Youth Business Group, which is the largest organisation in Hungary uniting various student associations. This initiative is present in five different areas, Business, IT, Tourism, Investment and Diplomacy with many associations in universities of Budapest and also the Central European region. It aims to find, develop and support talents, who can make the most out of themselves in their undergraduate and subsequent years.


They are looking for ambitious students into their organisations who consciously want to stand out from their fellow students and develop professionally while spending their everyday lives in a cohesive group of friends. Members can work on real-world projects that allow them to put into practice what they have learnt at university and in our trainings.

about us

As a senior recruiter of PwC I have been working with the Business IT Club – Corvinus since 2019 January. We are already over several workshops together, about such as information security or crisis management. I always meet enthusiastic, open-minded, talented young people, with whom we are always looking forward to work with in the future – even as colleagues in our consulting teams.

Gabriella Elter

PwC Hungary

BIT Club held a well-organised event about FinTech trends with the representatives invited from relevant sectors. The professional and relevant questions and the great participants are deeply appreciated.

Balázs Faluvégi


BIT Club is perfect for every student who is interested in improving their IT skills in addition to their university studies.
Through their courses the members of the association can get to know the private sector better and gain a lot of experience.

Tamás Kádár


We had the opportunity to participate in a fintech-based panel discussion organised by the Business IT Club – Corvinus, which was about the challenges and opportunities of the current financial service sectors. In the presence of the representatives from the Academy and relevant private sectors, I hope that the participants got some valuable insights! Congratulations and I wish BIT Club good luck in organising other such outstanding events for the students of Corvinus!

Iván Muck

Family Finances